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ubuntu 8.04 released today. Where are the torrents?

There has been many news stories about the latest release of ubuntu, so it is not a surprise that their site seems very unresponsive. I like kubuntu, so I started downloading a kubuntu torrent. If you have trouble with the main site, I am making the torrent available on mine as well. For KDE3 kubuntu-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent […]

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Friendfeed plugin for wordpress

Friendfeed released an API a couple weeks ago. This made me excited, as I figured I could write a wordpress plugin to grab comments people leave on my friendfeed back into the blog. I did not of course find the time to do this right away, as I have already been spending way too much […]

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Working on making fancy graphs with R / fixed versus random babble

I have been working on learning R for several months now, and continue to get better at it and enjoy it more all the time. I am currently working on a spoken word recognition project at work. The task we are using is quite simple. Participants listen to words that have been mixed with multi-talker […]

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