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Improving my coding efficiency in vim

I have been using Vim for most editing for about 12 years now. I think I tried it for the first time in about 2003, and quickly gave up. Then in 2004 my roommate at the time convinced me to give it another try, and I quickly got hooked. I wrote my dissertation completely in […]

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New wordpress plugin – category reminder

I recently released my sixth wordpress plugin – category reminder. I have seen several requests around for a plugin which forces users to select a category for each post they publish, so that the posts don’t just end up as uncategorized. Bloggers with multiple authors seem especially interested in this. I have wanted this requirement […]

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wordpress 2.8 is out, and my plugins are ready

As I mentioned a few months back, wordpress 2.8 has a completely new widget API, which means that I had to do quite a bit of work to get my widgetized plugins ready for 2.8. Fortunately, the new API is much better than the old style. I won’t guarantee that they are without bugs, which […]

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Releasing Postie 1.3.alpha, packed with new features

Thanks to all the users who helped me test out the 1.3.testing version of postie, the wordpress plugin which allows you to post by e-mail. I now feel that it is stable enough to call it 1.3.alpha. There are probably still some bugs, but I think that the new features probably warrant giving it a […]

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2 new versions of postie released

I would like to announce 2 new versions of my popular postie plugin for wordpress, which gives users advanced options for posting to their blog via e- mail. The first new version is 1.2.2, which has some minor bug fixes and improvements over 1.2.1. I will continue to release several more 1.2 releases over the […]

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