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Showing total number of replies in bbpress

For awhile now I have been wanting to show the total number of topics started and replies in a bbpress forum on the profile page. Today I finally figured out how. I like bbpress quite a bit, as it integrates very nicely into wordpress. The main downside of bbpress right now is that the documentation […]

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BBpress forums and wordpress plugin development versions

I host a bbpress forum for each of my wordpress plugins, so that people can report bugs and ask for new features. Bbpress has many of the same features as wordpress, and it integrates very well with wordpress. It is also very fast, and as of version 1.0, now has the same admin interface as […]

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Trying out bbpress

My wordpress plugins generate a lot of comments. Personally, I find it can be pretty hard to scroll through all the comments, and it can be quite slow to load as well. I have decided to try out bbpress for comments on my wordpress plugins. I created a forum for each plugin. I have turned […]

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