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I enjoy programming, linguistics, German, cooking, baking, jazz, drumming, and being a dad.

This site is focused mostly on recipes, LaTeX, and web development, especially WordPress. If you are looking for a WordPress developer, you can contact me at

My family blog features cute pictures of my kids, and details of our home improvement projects.

Random thoughts

umthesis now on CTAN

I just submitted the umthesis package to CTAN. I will of course keep an up to date version on my own server, but now it will be more accessible to others. If you have not checked out CTAN, I highly recommend it. There are many packages of all sorts that will make your TeXing more … Continue reading

Seitan in a can

Sometime this past summer I made an interesting discovery in the international aisle of the local Food-Coop, Bloomingfoods — Seitan in a can. What is seitan you might ask? It is wheat gluten. And what is wheat gluten? It is the part of wheat that makes bread stick together. Glutinous means sticky, and that is … Continue reading

Salad Night

White bean, fennel, and red onion salad with honey miso dressing, paired with a lettuce, tomato and feta salad Last night I made 2 salads for dinner, which is quite uncommon for me. As a vegetarian, I often complain that all I get to eat is salad, but I don’t mind when the salads are … Continue reading

Sample Recipes

Barbecued Tofu

This is another recipe which is mostly my wifes idea. She used to do something similar with chicken, and wanted to try it with tofu. Although the prep is quick on this one, it does take a while to bake. It makes very good leftovers for lunch though. To make good tofu, it is imperative to press it.

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Carrot Apple Walnut Salad

This dish was mostly cooked up by my wife, Clare, who undoubtedly was inspired by some recipe she found online. It is pictured here with lentil bolognese, the combination of which makes a very tasty meal.

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Chocolate Bliss

This recipe originally comes from The Voluptuous Vegan by Myra Kornfeld and George Minot, in which it was originally called Chocolate Pudding. It turns out that the consistency was not much like pudding, and for awhile I tried to make it more like pudding, but my girlfriend said she liked it as it was. So I then figured out a nice way to serve it, added a little brandy for some extra flavor, and a little bit of that magic xanthum gum to thicken it up. Trust me, it’s a real hit.

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Corn bean salad

Clare gets most of the credit for this recipe. The combination of corn, beans, and vegetables makes a tasty, healthy, and quick meal. It is particularly nice in the summer, since it does not require any cooking.

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Cornmeal flapjacks

This recipe comes from the Vegetarian Starter Kit, which convinced me to go vegan. Be sure to use whole wheat pastry flour. Regular whole wheat flour produces a very dense flapjack.

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