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Tofu-stuffed eggplant with mushroom ragout

Tonight I made a new recipe. Clare had bought some mushrooms the other day, and I bought eggplant yesterday. I thought that an eggplant mushroom ragout sounded good, though I didn’t know exactly what it would entail. I googled it, and found 2 good possibilities. The first possibility, which I did not choose, was more […]

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Multi-column balanced lists

Recently I was working on a project where a client wanted a list of items to be displayed over multiple columns, and requested that the columns be balanced (as balanced as possible). It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to do this for 3 columns, but I knew that there was a […]

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A year of new recipes

My resolution for 2009 was to make 52 new recipes throughout the year, or roughly one per week. I tracked my progress using I didn’t quite reach my goal, but I ended up making 45 new recipes, and I am pretty satisfied with that. Most of the recipes were from cookbooks I already own […]

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Rigatoni with seitan puttanesca sauce

This was my last new recipe for 2009, and it was fairly improvised. I had recently looked up puttanesca in wikipedia, discovering that it is a “pantry dish”, meaning that most of the ingredients are staples in an Italian pantry, and mine too. I did alter it a bit. Normally it has anchovies, which I […]

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WordPress 2.9 image changes

WordPress 2.9 has several new image enhancements. One of the biggest features is some basic image editing functionality. Another one is that you can now specify different alt text from the “caption” field. The “caption” field places a caption under the image. The “alt” text is used to describe the picture to non-seeing users (including […]

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