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Site redesign

I started my website in 2003. At the time it was hosted by the University of Michigan, where I was a graduate student. They gave all students some space for a personal website. It was really great, though it did come with some limitations, like no php or cgi allowed. I managed to kludge some […]

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New WordPress plugin – Image Browser

Today I released my 8th wordpress plugin. This one is quite a bit different from all the other plugins I have written. A friend of mine was looking for a way to create a gallery on his family blog. “No problem!”, I told him, “there are lots of plugins for that”. But I then quickly […]

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New wordpress plugin – Image Meta

I just released my 7th wordpress plugin, Image Meta. This one has to do with image handling. Before wordpress 3.0, when you uploaded an image, the filename of the image was set as the title, and if you had given the image a caption (e.g. with Picasa), then the IPTC caption would be used as […]

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Showing total number of replies in bbpress

For awhile now I have been wanting to show the total number of topics started and replies in a bbpress forum on the profile page. Today I finally figured out how. I like bbpress quite a bit, as it integrates very nicely into wordpress. The main downside of bbpress right now is that the documentation […]

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New wordpress plugin – category reminder

I recently released my sixth wordpress plugin – category reminder. I have seen several requests around for a plugin which forces users to select a category for each post they publish, so that the posts don’t just end up as uncategorized. Bloggers with multiple authors seem especially interested in this. I have wanted this requirement […]

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