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Intro to LaTeX multimedia presentations

As many people know, I have really become a big fan of LaTeX in the last couple years. Earlier this year when I finally decided that I needed to start using slides (like Powerpoint) with my presentations instead of a handout, I actually started to learn how to use Powerpoint. About a week later, I […]

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updated umthesis.cls

Just a brief note that I have updated the umthesis.cls Revision 14 has the following improvements More documentation in class file Two different abstract environments Nicer copyright page An already compiled example file (pdf) which demonstrates all the features in the class, plus all the files necessary to compile it You can download the umthesis […]

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syllable-based confusions

So my current research focuses heavily on confusion, specifically phonetic confusions. For my disseration, I play people words mixed with noise, and ask them to type what they hear. Then I look at the types of mistakes they make. For example, pit and kit are often confused with one another, but pit and lit are […]

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pgf gallery

I just discovered a nice gallery of pgf examples. This is a figure from Rumelhart and McClelland 1986 showing the structure of their model of parallel distributed processing. I am posting this example there, and here as well. First of all the picture: And next the latex code: (notice the foreach loops – very cool!!!) […]

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pgf, xetex, and landscape

So I am starting to use the pgf package for graphics in LaTeX, because it rocks. The biggest thing is that it is compatible with both postscript and pdf output, which is very nice. I have been using mostly pdftex lately, because it means a faster compile time, and has other features like advanced typography […]

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