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Chronologically ordered blog in wordpress

I recently started the FedDibblety house blog, documenting our home improvements to our new home in Indiana (which Clare’s parents built). I set up accounts for my wife Clare, her parents, Dave and Ellen, and my parents, Harold and Fran. Ellen, being a technology nut like myself, immediately jumped in writing posts about the house, […]

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My new computer — software

Which operating system? This was kind of a no-brainer. I was definitely not going to buy Windows, so it was going to be Linux. (I did think about something in the bsd family, and might still consider it at some point. I read a nice article comparing linux and bsd recently, which was informative and […]

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hyperref and natbib problems

Today I was working on revisions to my dissertation, and I wanted to test something out in my slick two column layout, and was surprised when my document would not compile. After about a half an hour of commenting and uncommenting parts, and seeing the same error over and over again, \pdfendlink ended up in […]

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