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Writing your own custom filters for postie

In version 1.3.1 of postie, it is now easy to add custom filters to the content of your posts. Best of all, by using filters, you can easily write your own plugin, which will not be affected by upgrades to postie (as opposed to modifying the postie functions directly). There are two examples now included […]

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Blogging with LaTeX

The first question on reader’s mind must be — why use LaTeX to blog? Well, I have a pretty specific instance in mind, but I can imagine that others might be interested as well. This fall I am teaching a course on computational corpus linguistics at CU Boulder. I like to have some materials online […]

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Salad Night

White bean, fennel, and red onion salad with honey miso dressing, paired with a lettuce, tomato and feta salad Last night I made 2 salads for dinner, which is quite uncommon for me. As a vegetarian, I often complain that all I get to eat is salad, but I don’t mind when the salads are […]

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Postie 1.3.0 released

After more than a month of fixing bugs and adding features, I have decided it is time to release Postie 1.3.0, the wordpress plugin which adds many features to post to your blog via e-mail. 1.3 offers many new features over the 1.2 line of postie, including better attachment handling, better language and character set […]

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New Orleans sweet potato hash

Yesterday I tried another new recipe, this time one I threw together myself. It was kind of a “what’s in the fridge” recipe. I had some frozen okra and lima beans that had been taking up space in the freezer for several months, and I also had 2 peeled sweet potatoes that needed to be […]

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