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Collapsing updates galore

I’ve been working a lot lately on some major rewrites to all 4 of the collapsing X wordpress plugins I have written. All 4 of them now have the following features: All use the same javascript file, which will only get loaded once, in case you use more than 1 of the plugins No longer […]

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LaTeX utility scripts

Processing a LaTeX file usually takes several steps. At a bare minimum, it usually requires 2 runs through latex (or pdflatex). Two runs are necessary in order to get cross-references and the table of contents right. Since LaTeX processes a page at a time, it can’t generate a table of contents on page 1 until […]

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wordpress, mediarss, and friendfeed

thanksgiving collage This is mostly a test feed to see if this works. Daniel Pritchett modified the media rss wordpress plugin to get it to work with friendfeed. You can get the code here. It seems like it just adds a thumbnail attribute to a media tag. By “working with friendfeed”, I mean that friendfeed […]

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Picasa 3 collages

thanksgiving collage I upgraded to Picasa 3 a couple weeks ago. I didn’t upgrade right away, because it took awhile for the linux version to come out. I can happily say that Picasa 3 works great under linux from my experience. It was easy to install (they had an rpm available), and it runs very […]

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potato pancakes

leftover mashed potatoes make for tasty potato pancakes Last Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my house, which was a lot of fun (pictures are on the fedibblety blog. Afterwards, I was left with a lot of leftovers, including lots of mashed potatoes. We had made 10 pounds worth, which was probably too much. I […]

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