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Nifty Firefox extension – resizable textareas

I just found a very nifty little Firefox extension that will make all textareas resizable. In case you don’t know, a textarea is a text box that is longer than one line. With this extension enabled, simply hover the mouse over the bottom right corner until the cursor changes, then click and drag until you […]

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web + print frustrations

Sometimes one wants to write a document that can be viewed both in print form and on the web. From my experiences so far, there does not yet exist a good way to do this from one document. I have tried several different methods, each with its own set of complications. I have not given […]

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Extreme TeX

While doing some searching around the internet for stuff about LaTeX, I ran across this snippet from a page on latex from stanford The example is from the infamous David Carlisle, illustrating how much one can automate using TeX (plain TeX, not LaTeX). If you are in for a fun little surprise, copy the text […]

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FileVault foibles

A little over a month ago I was having some font issues with LaTeX, and I wasn’t sure why. In fact, I never really figured out why. But basically I was getting some ugly bitmap fonts, and I wasn’t going to accept that. So I tried a bunch of things, including trying to re-install tetex. […]

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mediawiki and latex.fmt

Lately I have been fooling around with wikis and CMSes. As minister of technology for my friend Danny (basically I give him space on this server), I was commissioned by his fiancee Bethany to set up a wiki. I did a little more searching around on wikis, and decided on mediawiki. I also looked at […]

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