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Xorg.conf configuration — solved font size problem

Awhile ago I started having problems with some of my fonts on my computer at work. Interestingly enough, it only seemed to affect a very small minority of programs and situations, namely on startup, when Fedora is going through and telling me all the services it is starting, the fonts were so tiny I could […]

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Finally a better LaTeX to html converter

About a year ago I wrote a post about my frustration with the lack of a good LaTeX to html converter. Recently I found one. It is called plasTeX, so named because it is written in python. Finally a converter which works well with most any LaTeX package or macro you write, and produces sane, […]

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convert pdf to png with imagemagick

Imagemagick is a swiss-army knife of command-line image conversion, but can be a bit complicated to actually use. I have been making most of my figures with R lately, and printing them to pdfs, which I can include very easily into documents with pdflatex. I like pdf because it is scalable, fairly small file size […]

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Seitan in a can

Sometime this past summer I made an interesting discovery in the international aisle of the local Food-Coop, Bloomingfoods — Seitan in a can. What is seitan you might ask? It is wheat gluten. And what is wheat gluten? It is the part of wheat that makes bread stick together. Glutinous means sticky, and that is […]

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