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Fun with fonts in LaTeX

Today I stumbled across the LaTeX font catalogue, which lists all available fonts for LaTeX. I am really surprised that I had not been aware of it earlier. I was also surprised at the number of fonts there. While some new projects such as XeTeX are making all open-type and true-type fonts available to the […]

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trying out scribefire

I am now trying out the scribefire Firefox extension for xml-rpc blogging, since I have discovered that QTM does not support image uploading, and it seems that scribefire does. It allows one to resize images, but it does not seem to create thumbnails. I will probably stick to posting the old-fashioned way, but it is […]

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Posting with QTM

My friend Bethany Soule, for whom I host a blog, recently asked me if there was a way to write entries using a client program instead of having to login to wordpress via the web interface. I pointed her to the xml-rpc page in wordpress I had run across recently, and then decided to check […]

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