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LaTeX two column layouts and rubber lengths

Today I gave my advisor the draft of the final chapter of my dissertation, which I have been working on fervently for the last week or so. I decided that I deserved a little break before getting back to the grindstone of implementing comments from my advisor. I decided to spend some time working on […]

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sourdough wheat with spelt berries

I have been baking bread for over 6 years now. I started in 2001, my last semester at Grinnell College, with the hopes of producing some bread like I fell in love with in Germany. I started off with fairly simple recipes from a Fleischmann’s baking book my mom gave me. That book got me […]

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More on LaTeX multimedia presentations

Yesterday I gave a talk in the Linguistics department colloquium series. I like to cover all my bases, so I had a handout and a slide presentation, which were both made from the same LaTeX code. In an earlier post, I briefly discussed using the prosper package for LaTeX to make presentations. A few months […]

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Swiss chard and spelt soup

As I write this I am enjoying some extremely tasty leftover soup that Clare made last Sunday. It kind of has everything in it, but I think that the swiss chard and the spelt are the most distinctive parts. She had bought some swiss chard at Trader Joe’s (on sale I think), and wanted to […]

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umthesis now on CTAN

I just submitted the umthesis package to CTAN. I will of course keep an up to date version on my own server, but now it will be more accessible to others. If you have not checked out CTAN, I highly recommend it. There are many packages of all sorts that will make your TeXing more […]

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