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Cherry rhubarb pie

We joined a CSA this year, taking over Greg and Mekayla’s fruit share. This week we got 3 lbs of pie cherries and a huge bundle of rhubarb. That sounded like pie to me. I have never made cherry rhubarb pie before, only strawberry rhubarb, but I found some recipes, and decided to give it […]

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Image stabilization in Canon EFS 17-85mm lens

I recently bought a new lens for my Canon Rebel XT. I debated for about 6 months between a new body, and one of three lenses, the 17-85mm f4/5.6 EFS, the 28-135 f 3.5/5.6 EF, and the 17-55 f2.8 USM. I ultimately decided that I’d rather have a new lens than a new body. My […]

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Random featured images in wordpress

I’ve had random header images on the Fedibblety Family blog for quite some time. I originally implemented this by looking for images in a particular directory. However, I had to manually add pictures to this directory, which was a bit cumbersome. I started thinking, why not just select randomly from all the featured images I […]

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