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vimcolor plugin for wordpress

I recently downloaded the vimcolor plugin for wordpress so my code samples could look nice and spiffy, with the syntax highlighting I am accustomed to seeing. There were of course a few problems. The most notable was some path problems. It was trying to use these values: <?php $in_file = tempnam($GLOBALS[‘conf’][‘file_directory_temp’], ‘pl’); $out_file = tempnam($GLOBALS[‘conf’][‘file_directory_temp’], […]

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speech perception, therapeutic ultrasound and detecting land mines

Today was the last day of my first meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. It was actually the 155th meeting of the society, and the 4th joint meeting with the Acoustical Society of Japan. Oh, and it was in Hawaii. I have been a member of the ASA for several years now, and have […]

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