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Editing video from a Canon FS100 with Kino and ffmpeg

Last Christmas my parents got me a Canon FS100 video camera. I had asked for a video camera to take videos of my son. I honed my video editing skills a bit before he arrived, but am still working on it. The camera uses flash memory, and records videos in .mod files, which are basically […]

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caribbean sweet potato gratin and sweet and sour eggplant chickpea stew

Caribbean sweet potato gratin and sweet and sour eggplant chickpea stew Last weekend I tried out a few more new recipes. The sweet potato gratin recipe came from The Voluptuous Vegan, and the eggplant chickpea stew recipes came from The Very Vegetarian. sweet and sour eggplant chickpea stew The stew was excellent! I will probably […]

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Fruit swirl bread take two

Fruit swirl bread take two About a week ago I tried making fruit swirl bread again. This time I rolled out the loaves thinner, allowing me to put in more filling, and have more swirl. The result was definitely better, though I might have also added too much flour this time, since it was a […]

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Two types of pngs

I recently learned that there are basically two different types of png images – indexed and truecolor. Most pngs you find on the internet are probably the truecolor type. The truecolor type uses an rgb format, so each pixel is represented by either 24 bits (8 bit channel depth * 3 channels), or 48 bits […]

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Fruit swirl bread

Fruit swirl bread I have been baking bread for 9 years now. Mostly I make sourdough bread, near German style. Sometimes it is nice to make a sweet bread though. When I say sweet bread, I mean a yeasted sweet bread, not one with baking soda. The German bakery down the street from our house […]

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