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vi key bindings in R

I am working on learning R. For those that don’t know, R is a programming language and program a bit similar to Matlab, but is particularly designed for statistics. It is free and open source, and pretty fast and flexible. It has a pretty nice library interface, with lots of user contributed libraries at CRAN […]

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Kubuntu Gutsy with Compiz

I upgraded my home computer from kubuntu Feisty to Gutsy yesterday. This was actually my second attempt. I tried once a couple weeks ago, but my satellite internet connection crapped out after downloading about 95% of the packages, and the upgrade process quit. So I decided to download a .iso at work and burn it. […]

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numbered footnotes on titlepage

The new lab I work in at Indiana University has an annual progress report, with its own stylesheet. There is a template available for Microsoft Word, but I much prefer LaTeX, so I am trying to write my own class file for that. One of the quirks of the stylesheet is that footnotes from the […]

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100 yootles bounty for solution to nested loop rounding error

I am working on doing some monte carlo simulations. I want to do a particular manipulation n times, but I want to constrain what I do based on three parameters, x, y, and z, which are probability distributions coded as arrays. For example, if I want to run this simulation 1000 times, then 24 should […]

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