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100 yootles bounty for solution to nested loop rounding error

I am working on doing some monte carlo simulations. I want to do a particular manipulation n times, but I want to constrain what I do based on three parameters, x, y, and z, which are probability distributions coded as arrays. For example, if I want to run this simulation 1000 times, then 24 should […]

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advanced typography with pdfLaTeX

I have been using LaTeX for several years now, but only a couple months ago did I start experimenting with pdflatex. Actually, most current LaTeX distributions use pdflatex as the default LaTeX engine, but if you use the latex command, then it will produce a .dvi file, which most people then convert to .ps and […]

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Monitoring and automatically restarting services

Over the weekend, the network my server lives on went down. Apparently it was a planned outage that no one told me about. So I got a call Saturday night from my friend Daniel Reeves, who uses my server. I happened to be at a friend’s house, and couldn’t do anything about it at the […]

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cross-platform file encryption

Recall from a previous post that I was playing around with Filevault on Mac OSX not too long ago, which encrypts your home folder on the fly. I ultimately decided that it was not worth it, since it messed up a few programs, and most of my data is not very sensitive. However, I do […]

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Chronologically ordered blog in wordpress

I recently started the FedDibblety house blog, documenting our home improvements to our new home in Indiana (which Clare’s parents built). I set up accounts for my wife Clare, her parents, Dave and Ellen, and my parents, Harold and Fran. Ellen, being a technology nut like myself, immediately jumped in writing posts about the house, […]

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