Fun with fonts in LaTeX

Today I stumbled across the LaTeX font catalogue, which lists all available fonts for LaTeX. I am really surprised that I had not been aware of it earlier. I was also surprised at the number of fonts there. While some new projects such as XeTeX are making all open-type and true-type fonts available to the TeX typesetting system, I still use regular (pdf)LaTeX most of the time, and every once in awhile I like to play around with fonts. And, I think I have finally figured out the correct way to install new fonts using texlive.

  1. Copy files to the appropriate place under texmf
  2. sudo texhash
    This will tell TeX that there are new files in its path
  3. sudo updmap-sys --enable
    This will update the font handling parts of LaTeX

Here is a sample of one font I found pretty cool, and the LaTeX source:

movieola screenshot

screenshot of the movieola font

SoMe PrEtTy TeXt HeRe