Back in business

The building where I have my server which runs this blog lost power on Wednesday, June 4th, and it finally got restored this morning. Fortunately, I am pretty religious about making backups on an external hard drive, so I had a day-old backup, and was able to upload most stuff to my dreamhost account, and set up failover service with my DNS host, zoneedit, so traffic to robfelty was redirected to robfelty.com. For those of you that noticed, I had the blog up, but I set it to cache heavily and I disabled comments. I did this partially because I didn’t want my databases to get out of sync, and also to reduce mysql usage, since dreamhost is shared hosting. Hopefully the main server should not be without power again for awhile, and now I will be better prepared for it should it happen again.

Now that I am back online, I can get back to working on wordpress plugins. You’ll notice I did do some design changes in the interim as well. I added a global navigation bar so that all of website is more fully integrated now.

For pictures on the flooding which caused the outage, check out: my personal photo album