Nifty Firefox extension – resizable textareas

I just found a very nifty little Firefox extension that will make all textareas resizable. In case you don’t know, a textarea is a text box that is longer than one line. With this extension enabled, simply hover the mouse over the bottom right corner until the cursor changes, then click and drag until you reach the desired size. Very handy for those times when you want to write a long message, and the website only gives you are very small textarea to do so, which means lots of scrolling.

You can get it here:
Resizable Textareas in Firefox

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4 Responses to Nifty Firefox extension – resizable textareas

  1. Danny Reeves says:

    This would be perfect for whiteboards. But I’m a little paranoid that it will make firefox barf all over me as these kinds of extensions can sometimes do. Maybe I’ll freeride on your research a bit further, Rob, and wait… :)

  2. Yahoouj says:

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