Extreme TeX

While doing some searching around the internet for stuff about LaTeX, I ran across this snippet from a page on latex from stanford

The example is from the infamous David Carlisle, illustrating how much one can automate using TeX (plain TeX, not LaTeX). If you are in for a fun little surprise, copy the text and paste it into a file, then run

tex file
 Fjfi71PAVVFjbigskipRPWGAUU71727374 75,76Fjpar71727375Djifx
 RrhC?yLRurtKFeLPFovPgaTLtReRomL;PABB71 72,73:Fjif.73.jelse
 B73:jfiXF71PU71 72,73:PWs;AMM71F71diPAJJFRdriPAQQFRsreLPAI
 I71Fo71dPA!!FRgiePBt'el@ lTLqdrYmu.Q.,Ke;vz vzLqpip.Q.,tz;
 ;Lql.IrsZ.eap,qn.i. i.eLlMaesLdRcna,;!;h htLqm.MRasZ.ilk,%
 s$;z zLqs'.ansZ.Ymi,/sx ;LYegseZRyal,@i;@ TLRlogdLrDsW,@;G
 LcYlaDLbJsW,SWXJW ree @rzchLhzsW,;WERcesInW qt.'oL.Rtrul;e
 doTsW,Wk;Rri@stW aHAHHFndZPpqar.tridgeLinZpe.LtYer.W,:jbye

Happy holidays

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