ubuntu 8.04 released today. Where are the torrents?

There has been many news stories about the latest release of ubuntu, so it is not a surprise that their site seems very unresponsive. I like kubuntu, so I started downloading a kubuntu torrent. If you have trouble with the main site, I am making the torrent available on mine as well.
For KDE3
For KDE4

Have fun trying them out!

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  1. Ricardo Dalessandro says:

    Hi Doc, I do have a couple of questions about accessibility to WordPress blogs. I couldn’t find your e-mail, should I use “Leave a Reply” to ask you?

  2. Dave Toys says:

    Is this not just available from the website? I always downlaoded it from there? Or are you saying its so slow because of the new release?

    Also, I am a bit of a UB noob. Could you tell me is it easy for me to upgrade versions? Or a nightmare?

  3. ulisses says:


    I made a comment asking for help and came back here and saw that he was not more. I do not know if you deleted. I sent an email also asking for help.

    I will post the same subject that I sent and raised here, thinking that perhaps something wrong has left.

    Hello, Rob

    First I hope you understand what I wrote because I’m using the google translator.
    Downloaded plugin CollapsingPages [WordPress 2.5.1] and liked much because I have several pages with sub-pages.
    But the code completely changes the look of my sidebar. [my theme is not widgets].
    The text is very large, the background is white [my theme is black].
    Placed in style.css the tips to change the color of the links. It worked [took to find out which should place before the #].
    I made several attempts to try to change the look, but do not understand, PHP, or CSS, I was a failure.
    Maybe you can help?
    A hug.


  4. robfelty says:


    I moved your comment to the collapsing-pages page. I did not delete it. Sorry about that. I am looking into your problem. I will let you know when I have an answer.


  5. Yahoouj says:

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  7. Guuuti says:

    Cool, werde dein Beitrag gleich mal weiterempfehlen.