Collapsing updates galore

I’ve been working a lot lately on some major rewrites to all 4 of the collapsing X wordpress plugins I have written. All 4 of them now have the following features:

  1. All use the same javascript file, which will only get loaded once, in case you use more than 1 of the plugins
  2. No longer use external css files. Instead, the css styling is set through an option, which should be easier to configure, and also reduces http requests, speeding page load time
  3. The inline javascript portions have been moved to the footer, to improve load time
  4. Default options are now added to the database upon installation, which solves a problem that existed when trying to use them manually

In addition, Collapsing Links and Collapsing Pages can now be used as either a widget or manually.

All of these updates are available in the development version of each of the respective download locations on the wordpress plugin repository. I am leaving them in the development version for a little while, in the hopes that some users will test them out, and I can fix some bugs before releasing them as a new version.

There is one caveat: I have been doing some testing with WP 2.7beta, and after many hours of frustration today, I never did figure out why the widgets were not showing up after adding them to the sidebar and saving. I did discover though, that if you select “show unused widgets”, then add them, that they get added just fine. If anyone has any hint on why this would be the case, and how to get them to work completely right under 2.7, I would be very happy indeed.

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12 Responses to Collapsing updates galore

  1. Hi Rob,

    The forum is still not allowing me to post … the “Reply” link is not actually a link. So I upgraded to the development version, but excluding categories that contain a space in the name still will not exclude reliably. It is successful half the time. And also, I have categories that have commas in the name, so this is a problem. I tried to just use the “Include” option, but it doesn’t work at all. Any thoughts?


  2. Stef says:

    Hi again, Robert

    I can’t get access to the forum, so I had to post here instead.

    I’ve a problem with Collapsing Archive since I upgraded to WP2.7, it prevents widgets from showing in the admin > appearance > widgets screen, also prevents “save changes” button from displaying at the end of the r/h column.
    A picture’s supposed to be worth a thousand words, so have a look at×500/7603bafb72d3464d270e162082d25842.jpg which shows the problem. If I deactivate Collapsing Archives, the problem goes away, so it seems like the plugin’s the cause. All’s well in the sidebar, though, Collapsing Archives is there and working fine.

    Please let me know if you find a fix. If you need any more info, feel free to email me.



  3. Rob says:

    Sorry about the forum. I have found that sometimes after logging in, I have to do a hard refresh of the page, then I can reply. (That is hit Shift+refresh). I am not sure why that is the case, but I am looking into it.

    @Hilary — Categories with commas are a problem. I hadn’t considered that use. My suggestion – use the slug instead of the title. This should work. For example, the slug for this post is “collapsing-updates-galore”.

    @Stef — That is very weird. What version of collapsing archives are you using? Try the development version please. I hope we can figure it out.


  4. Stef says:

    Using version 0.9.6

    And although it’s weird, it’s not unique – it seems to be the same problem that Transwarp had back in November:

  5. SonyaLynn says:

    Hey Rob…is Collapsing Links gonna get some love? The disclosure triangles in it are a bit hinky, while they’re just fine in Collapsing Archives and Collapsing Categories for me. Pop on over to to see what I mean.

    Meanwhile, thanks for these! I love how they let me keep my sidebar manageable enough that I can use “position: fixed” on it, which is something I really like being able to do. ;-)

  6. robfelty says:


    Collapsing Links has gotten a lot of love. Please upgrade to 0.2


  7. SonyaLynn says:

    Sweet! Thanks, Rob. :-)

    For whatever reason, an update to Collapsing Links hadn’t shown up on my admin dashboard. Works like a charm now. You rock!

  8. Hi Rob,

    Can you tell me if your plugin will work with dynamic menu highlighting? I need the “active” page to remain highlighted when you are on that page.


  9. Rob says:


    I just added this feature in the latest version of collapsing pages. It marks the current page with a ‘self’ class, so you can style it with css to your liking. I plan on adding this to the other 3 collapsing plugins soon too.


  10. Rob says:

    I’ve implemented collapsing pages on our website, but I’m not getting the ‘self’ class to highlight on my sidebar correctly. I’ve looked at the site source in firebug, and I see that the self class is invoked for the current page. Any ideas?

  11. Brian says:

    BTW – I’m Brian :) Not sure why I put “Rob” in the Name field…… doh!

  12. Roger Monk says:

    Any one that knows how to install this properly would be so appreciated;

    I uploaded collapsing categories and dragged it to the side bar. but all I get is a box there that says “show empty categories’ – when I exit this admin screen and return – the collapsing category is no longer in the side panel where I first dragged it. I really want this for my site but am so frustrated.

    I was told that it was just a plugin and css altering is not required…

    please respond if you can help me..