Picasa 3 collages

thanksgiving collage

thanksgiving collage

I upgraded to Picasa 3 a couple weeks ago. I didn’t upgrade right away, because it took awhile for the linux version to come out. I can happily say that Picasa 3 works great under linux from my experience. It was easy to install (they had an rpm available), and it runs very nicely. It seems like it even runs a bit faster than Picasa 2.6. But best of all, it has some really cool new features. One such feature is the ability to make collages. There was some rudimentary collage-making features in Picasa 2, but Picasa 3 adds lots of functionality. I decided to try it out recently with some pictures I took at Thanksgiving. I would say that my only complaint so far is that captions only seem to show up when you format the pictures as “polaroids”. It seems to be that if you include a white border, the caption should show up there. This was particularly frustrating because I had “show captions” box checked, but no captions were showing up.

I’ll also admit that part of the reason I wanted to write this post was because I just learned about mediarss, which is a way to include images, sound clips, and video clips in rss feeds. A quick google search for a wordpress plugin resulted in the media rss wordpress plugin, which seems to be working. Now the only other question is whether or not it correctly shows up in my friendfeed.

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2 Responses to Picasa 3 collages

  1. anonymous says:

    your blog came up when i searched picasa 3 collage, but the green on black is so hard to read, i am skipping this. you might consider changing the scheme. yikes.

  2. robfelty says:

    @anonymous – to each their own. Apparently you missed the option at the top of my sidebar to change the theme dynamically. I find green on black extremely easy on the eyes, which is why I chose it, but I realize that not everyone does. If you come by again, try selecting your own style.