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Getting ready for wordpress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 should be released any day now (it was supposed to be released in April, but I am fine with waiting a few more days). Frequently there are some changes from version to version which affect plugin developers. I decided to try out the development version a few weeks ago, and found that they […]

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The right 3 bytes
wordpress plugin bugs solved

A few weeks ago I noticed a very strange bug with all of my wordpress plugins in the newest version of wordpress (2.7). All of the plugins can be used as widgets. When I tried to add one of plugin widgets to the sidebar, it seemed to be okay, but when I clicked on “save […]

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Collapsing archives updated

I have been very busy lately, but I have been working on the collapsing archives update for awhile. I have incorporated new features from collapsing categories into it, while trying to keep all the old features. One thing I have learned is that it is difficult to write code with many options, especially when some […]

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Collaping categories 0.6.1

I just released version 0.6.1. This update is mostly bug fixes introduced in 0.6. I apologize for all the bugs in 0.6. It was a major rewrite, and I expected bugs, but probably should have labeled it alpha. I want to especially thank Hans Klaus for doing quite a bit of testing in 0.6.1, including […]

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Collapsing categories update

I have just a pretty major revision to collapsing categories, version 0.6. It includes the following changes: Can have multiple instances of widgets, each with separate options No longer works as non-widget All options are stored in one database row Added more sorting options Added option to include or exclude certain categories Added option to […]

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