Collaping categories 0.6.1

I just released version 0.6.1. This update is mostly bug fixes introduced in 0.6. I apologize for all the bugs in 0.6. It was a major rewrite, and I expected bugs, but probably should have labeled it alpha. I want to especially thank Hans Klaus for doing quite a bit of testing in 0.6.1, including testing the formatting with several different themes. Here is the changelog for 0.6.1:

  • Improved styling so that collapsing and expanding symbols use a fixed-width font, but category names do not
  • When using the option to have category names trigger expansion, and not showing posts, categories with no subcategories now link to the category
  • Added option to use images instead of html for collapse/expand characters
  • +/- now uses UTF-8 encoding instead of html entities (may not work for pages not encoded in UTF-8

Please post any comments in the Collapsing categories page.