Collapsing categories update

I have just a pretty major revision to collapsing categories, version 0.6.
It includes the following changes:

  • Can have multiple instances of widgets, each with separate options
  • No longer works as non-widget
  • All options are stored in one database row
  • Added more sorting options
  • Added option to include or exclude certain categories
  • Added option to expand certain categories by default
  • Added option to have category names either link to category archive or to activate expanding and collapsing

I realized this morning that this new version requires WP 2.6+. I would like it to be compatible back to at least 2.5, if not 2.3. However, I can’t seem to get it to work. The problem seems to be in adding the widget. In 2.5- the widget appears and can be added, and options can be set. But when you click on “save changes”, the widget disappears from the list. I have tried replacing a 2.5 widgets.php file with a 2.6 one, and that worked. I have also checked the database, and the options are being updated. So it must be something to do with how the widgets get registered. I have spent several hours trying to figure it out, and need to get back to my day job. I would be very pleased if someone else figured it out. In the meantime, 0.5.10 will work with wordpress 2.3-2.6

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4 Responses to Collapsing categories update

  1. I upgraded using the auto upgrade to version 0.6 today and now it doesn’t work on my blog anymore.

    Please review my site if it’s helpful.

    Here is the code I’m using to call the plugins:

    <?php if( function_exists(‘collapsCat’) ) {
    else {
    echo “\n”;
    echo “\n”;
    } ?>

    <?php if( function_exists(‘collapsArch’) ) {
    else {
    echo “\n”;
    echo “\n”;
    } ?>

  2. robfelty says:


    Version 0.6 and up only work as widgets. I had to make this change in order to allow multiple instances on the same page, which many people requested. You can either widgetize your blog, or stick with version 0.5.10


  3. The forum won’t allow me to post comments in the “Bugs” section, so I am putting it here. I am having trouble with the “Exclude” option … it only allows me to exclude categories that are one word. For instance, it will recognize the exclusion request of “Posters”, but not “Graphic Identity”. Can you tell me a work-around for this bug. Thanks!

  4. Rob says:


    Did you register at the forum? Or would it not let you register?

    At any rate, I think I might have fixed that and re-broke it at some point. I just re-fixed it in the development version. Please try that. I am planning on releasing that as version 0.8 very soon.