Postie 1.3.0 released

postie_200x200_7After more than a month of fixing bugs and adding features, I have decided it is time to release Postie 1.3.0, the wordpress plugin which adds many features to post to your blog via e-mail. 1.3 offers many new features over the 1.2 line of postie, including better attachment handling, better language and character set support, and easier configuration. Here is a list of the new features and bug fixes from 1.3.beta to 1.3.0.

  • Features
    • Added mpeg4 to default list of videotypes
    • Added support for KOI8-R character set (cyrillic)
    • Added support for iso-8859-2 character set (eastern european)
    • Added option to include custom icons for attachments
    • Added option to send confirmation message to sender
    • Enhanced e-mails for unauthorized users
    • Added option to send unauthorized e-mail back to sender
    • Added option to only allow e-mails from a specified list of smtp
    • servers

    • Added option to use shortcode for embedding videos (works with the
    • videos plugin http://www.daburna.de/download/videos-plugin.zip

    • Better handling of comment authors (thanks to Petter for suggestion)
    • Simplified message options (now includes an advanced options section)
    • Added filter ability for post content
  • Bug fixes
    • No longer including wp-config.php
    • If tmpdir is not writable, try a different tmpdir
    • More subject encoding fixes
    • Updated image templates, which were causing problems for cron
    • Fixed in text captions
    • Fixed SQL problems when updating options
    • Fixed name clashes with other plugins
    • Fixed custom image field

I want to thank the many users who were willing to test out new features and bug fixes by trying out the development version. in particular, I want to thank Kyle and Hab at Abilene Christian University for offering me financial support to develop some additional features for their use of postie for a course at their university. I think that other postie users will enjoy some of these new features as well.