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Multi-column balanced lists

Recently I was working on a project where a client wanted a list of items to be displayed over multiple columns, and requested that the columns be balanced (as balanced as possible). It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to do this for 3 columns, but I knew that there was a […]

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BBpress forums and wordpress plugin development versions

I host a bbpress forum for each of my wordpress plugins, so that people can report bugs and ask for new features. Bbpress has many of the same features as wordpress, and it integrates very well with wordpress. It is also very fast, and as of version 1.0, now has the same admin interface as […]

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The right 3 bytes
wordpress plugin bugs solved

A few weeks ago I noticed a very strange bug with all of my wordpress plugins in the newest version of wordpress (2.7). All of the plugins can be used as widgets. When I tried to add one of plugin widgets to the sidebar, it seemed to be okay, but when I clicked on “save […]

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Collapsing updates galore

I’ve been working a lot lately on some major rewrites to all 4 of the collapsing X wordpress plugins I have written. All 4 of them now have the following features: All use the same javascript file, which will only get loaded once, in case you use more than 1 of the plugins No longer […]

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Collapsing monopoly

I am happy to announce the release of my fourth collapsing X plugin for WordPress. This one is Collapsing Links, which was requested by several users of my other plugins. With the development of this plugin, I finally added the ability to have multiple instances of the widget. This took some careful study of some […]

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