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Releasing the Collapsing Categories WordPress Plugin

I started using the Fancy Categories plugin by Andrew Rader about 6 or 8 months ago. I have been slowly modifying it for some time now, and it seems appropriate to release it as a new plugin. (Note that I thought that Andrew Rader disappeared as well, but I now have found him at his new home at void*. The functionality is best described by simply looking at my categories list on this blog. The default wordpress categories list is a simple unordered list. This plugin gives it some dynamic capabilities, similar to the default on Blogger. I have decided to keep increasing the version number from what Andrew was using, so I am calling this version 0.2. Here are the main highlights:

  • Changed name from Fancy Archives to Collapsing Archives
  • Changed author from Andrew Rader to Robert Felty
  • Added triangles which mark the collapsing and expanding features That is, clicking on the triangle collapses or expands, while clicking on a month or year links to the archives for the said category. This uses html entities (dings) instead of images, for a variety of reasons
  • Lists the titles of posts, instead of just listing subcategories
  • Removed the rel=’hide‘ and rel=’show‘ tags, because they are not xhtml 1.0 compliant. Now uses the CSS classes instead
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY — it is compatible with both the pre 2.3 database which uses categories, and the 2.3+ database structure which uses the tag taxonomy

You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.