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Gentle reminders for forum users
Gentle reminders for forum users

I host a bbpress forum for each of my wordpress plugins, so that people can report bugs and ask for new features. Bbpress has many of the same features as wordpress, and it integrates very well with wordpress. It is also very fast, and as of version 1.0, now has the same admin interface as wordpress.

When people report bugs on the forum, I frequently try to fix them in the development version of the plugin, and ask them to test it, which requires downloading the development version from the site. Unfortunately, the development version is a bit hidden there, and I have gotten very tired of typing out the url in my replies, so I finally modified the topic.php file in my bbpress template to include a link to the development version (and a link to the faq too).

One downside of bbpress is that there is no documentation yet, so you have to search around for different functions in the code. I have done this several times now, so that it only took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to implement what I wanted. Here is the code I added (just before post_form())

forum_slug .
$faq='' . $thisforum->forum_slug .

Have you read the FAQ?
Have you tried the latest development version (at the bottom)?

I then added the following css to my theme to make it stand out:

.alert {border:1px solid #999;
background-color: #FBB;