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Site redesign

I started my website in 2003. At the time it was hosted by the University of Michigan, where I was a graduate student. They gave all students some space for a personal website. It was really great, though it did come with some limitations, like no php or cgi allowed. I managed to kludge some […]

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Multi-column balanced lists

Recently I was working on a project where a client wanted a list of items to be displayed over multiple columns, and requested that the columns be balanced (as balanced as possible). It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to do this for 3 columns, but I knew that there was a […]

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Blogging with LaTeX

The first question on reader’s mind must be — why use LaTeX to blog? Well, I have a pretty specific instance in mind, but I can imagine that others might be interested as well. This fall I am teaching a course on computational corpus linguistics at CU Boulder. I like to have some materials online […]

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On blog navigation

I was recently debating with my friend Danny how people navigate sites, especially blogs. As the author of 3 plugins designed to enhance site navigation (collapsing archives, categories, and pages), I of course had my opinions, but what is really compelling is data. So I finally decided to modify my links on my site a […]

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wordpress 2.8 is out, and my plugins are ready

As I mentioned a few months back, wordpress 2.8 has a completely new widget API, which means that I had to do quite a bit of work to get my widgetized plugins ready for 2.8. Fortunately, the new API is much better than the old style. I won’t guarantee that they are without bugs, which […]

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