Releasing Postie 1.3.alpha, packed with new features

Thanks to all the users who helped me test out the 1.3.testing version of postie, the wordpress plugin which allows you to post by e-mail. I now feel that it is stable enough to call it 1.3.alpha. There are probably still some bugs, but I think that the new features probably warrant giving it a try for most users. Here is a summary of the new features and fixes:

  • Now using default wordpress image and upload handling, which means:
    • No more creating special directories for postie
    • No more confusion about imagemagick
    • Can now use the gallery feature of wordpress
    • Attachments are now connected to posts in the database
    • All image resizing uses wordpress’s default settings (under media)
  • Configuration, settings and documentation improvements
    • Completely redesigned settings page (mostly thanks to Rainman)
    • Reset configuration no longer deletes mailserver settings
    • Now including help files and faq directly in settings page
  • More media features
    • Automatically turn links to youtube into an embedded player
    • Added option to embed audio files with custom templates
    • Video options are now template based
    • Image options are now solely template based, with several new default
  • Bug fixes
    • Uploading images from vodafone phones should now work
    • Correctly handling Windows-1252 encoding
    • Correctly handling non-ascii characters in subject line

I still need your help! As I mentioned there are bound to be some bugs, and I would appreciate if you give me feedback in the postie forum. Several people have also provided localizations. That is a big help. Some of the current localizations now need some updating. If you are familiar with that, I would be grateful. A .pot file is included with the postie distribution.

I have mostly stopped development on the 1.2 branch of postie. I will be adding new updates to postie in the development version.

Below is a screenshot of the new options page for postie.

Screenshot of the new postie options page, showing the video and audio templates

Screenshot of the new postie options page, showing the video and audio templates

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