the beauty of LaTeX

I recently found a very nice site about the beauty of LaTeX. It does a close comparison of the type of output you get with LaTeX as opposed to what you normally get with a program like Microsoft Word. There is also another nice article that it links to near the bottom comparing hyphenation using several different typesetting and word-processing programs. I will let you read about the rest yourself:

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3 Responses to the beauty of LaTeX

  1. Danny Reeves says:

    Good points, although I don’t understand the value of “fi” and “fl” ligatures. MS Word’s rendering makes more sense to me. (More than made up for by all the other ugly crap MS Word does, of course, compared to LaTeX.)

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  3. MS Word has a lot of annoying features, but I still prefer it to LaTex. Maybe I just need more time to get used to it.