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Small fix for article class in plasTeX

I recently found a small error in plasTeX, the program I like to use to convert latex to html. Unfortunately, it looks like it is not being actively developed anymore, but since it is open-source, and it is written in python, which I know, I was able to figure out the issue in not too long. When running plasTeX, I was getting this error:

I started googling around, and found
this post helpful. Basically it complains about not getting a proper stacktrace in the Base/LaTeX/ module. Indeed, I commented out the try/except clause in the PackageLoader class, and found that the problem was going all the way back to the Packages/ script.
I eventually figured out that article was importing stuff from report, which was importing stuff from book. I am not exactly sure why this wasn’t working, but importing directly from book, instead of vis-a-vis report seemed to do the trick.

diff Packages/ Packages/
< from book import * --- > from report import *
< import book < book.ProcessOptions(options, document) --- > import report
> report.ProcessOptions(options, document)

I haven’t encountered this issue before. I wonder if it has something to do with python 2.6 versus 2.7. I only use plasTeX about once a year to write my annual report, and I think I might have been on python 2.6 a year ago.