Risotto ai funghi porcini

While I was at the Acoustical Society of America meeting (see prior post for highlights), I roomed with an Italian guy, Gianluca. I did the work booking the room (which wasn’t that much work really), but apparently he thought I should be rewarded, so he bought me a cookbook. He definitely went out of his way to get the cookbook, since he first wanted to get me an Italian (i.e. written in Italian) cookbook, but since I don’t know Italian, that wouldn’t work so well. So he found a nice cookbook for me while he was visiting friends in New York called Verdura: Vegatables Italian Style. So far I have only tried one recipe, but there are lots of tasty sounding ones.

As the title of the post suggests, I tried Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms. For possible copyright infringement reasons I won’t post the recipe here, though I did find a nearly identical recipe on the internet. You’ll have to track down the book if you’re interested. I mostly followed the recipe, with a few exceptions — I used normal (champignon) mushrooms instead of porcini, because I had them on hand, and I also substituted some cream with soy milk. After serving, I topped it off with a little vegan parmesan cheese (nutritional yeast + almonds + salt). I’m looking forward to trying some of the other recipes such as Whole wheat spaghetti with fresh tomato mint sauce or Fusilli1 with spicy tomato and roasted pepper sauce.

1they really are silly, aren’t they?