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LaTeX utility scripts

Processing a LaTeX file usually takes several steps. At a bare minimum, it usually requires 2 runs through latex (or pdflatex). Two runs are necessary in order to get cross-references and the table of contents right. Since LaTeX processes a page at a time, it can’t generate a table of contents on page 1 until […]

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TeX Live 2008 — reasons to upgrade

New features in pgf/tikz TeX Live 2008 was finally released about a month ago. I am a member of TUG, so I should be getting a DVD of it sometime soon, but today I finally decided I couldn’t wait, and I would just download it. The main impetus came after reading a discussion in comp.text.tex, […]

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Beamer fragile frames

If you want to include verbatim text, say for some program code, in a frame in beamer, you have to pass the fragile option to the frame, like so: GeSHi Error: GeSHi could not find the language tex (using path /home/robfelty/ (code 2) Though latex usually doesn’t really care about whitespace at the beginning of […]

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Finally a better LaTeX to html converter

About a year ago I wrote a post about my frustration with the lack of a good LaTeX to html converter. Recently I found one. It is called plasTeX, so named because it is written in python. Finally a converter which works well with most any LaTeX package or macro you write, and produces sane, […]

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Fun with fonts in LaTeX

Today I stumbled across the LaTeX font catalogue, which lists all available fonts for LaTeX. I am really surprised that I had not been aware of it earlier. I was also surprised at the number of fonts there. While some new projects such as XeTeX are making all open-type and true-type fonts available to the […]

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