Git tip – restoring „lost“ commits

I ran into a git issue today where I thought I was ready to push a recent commit, and the push failed, saying that I was in the middle of a rebase. I don’t remember starting a rebase, but maybe I did. I tried git rebase –continue, but that didn’t work, so then I tried git rebase –abort. That fixed the issue about being in the middle of a rebase, but it also threw out my commit. It was a pretty big commit, and I thought it might just be lost, but it turns out it wasn’t! Git reflog to the rescue. I found some handy instructions here: git ready » restoring lost commits

That almost worked. I got my lost commit back, but when I tried to push, I still got an error. So finally I took the old-fashioned approach. I backed up my directory with the commit I wanted, cloned the repository from scratch, manually copied my changed files, and then committed and pushed. Ah git . Apparently I am not the only one who does this; see xkcd: Git