Postie 1.4.2 released

post to your blog via e-mail Yesterday I released Postie version 1.4.2, the WordPress plugin which gives you advanced features to post to your blog via e-mail. I haven’t done much work on Postie in the last several months, so I finally just decided to call the development version stable, since lots of people have been using it.

Improvements over 1.4.1 include:

  • Fixed mailto link bug (thanks to Jason McNeil)
  • Fixed bug with attachments with non-ascii characters in filename (thanks to
  • checking for socket errors when checking mail (thanks elysian)
  • fixed issue with multiple files not being inserted correctly
  • Added support for ISO 8859-15 (thanks paolog)
  • fixed sql injection problem (thanks Jose P. Espinal for pointing it out)
  • Fixed namespace clashing for get_config function

Please report any bugs in the postie forum