Postie 1.4.2 released

post to your blog via e-mail Yesterday I released Postie version 1.4.2, the WordPress plugin which gives you advanced features to post to your blog via e-mail. I haven’t done much work on Postie in the last several months, so I finally just decided to call the development version stable, since lots of people have been using it.

Improvements over 1.4.1 include:

  • Fixed mailto link bug (thanks to Jason McNeil)
  • Fixed bug with attachments with non-ascii characters in filename (thanks to
  • checking for socket errors when checking mail (thanks elysian)
  • fixed issue with multiple files not being inserted correctly
  • Added support for ISO 8859-15 (thanks paolog)
  • fixed sql injection problem (thanks Jose P. Espinal for pointing it out)
  • Fixed namespace clashing for get_config function

Please report any bugs in the postie forum

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6 Responses to Postie 1.4.2 released

  1. Mark Walz says:

    Trying to sort emails based on categories automatically using “keywords” within the title. Could use some help. When I send an email to postie, I want it to automatically assign categories based on the subject line. And I don’t want to have to include : or -. This is because the emails being sent are from a third party (a church) and their subject lines are always changing and the emails go out to multiple people and Postie is just on the address list. I want there to be two categories. Announcement and prayer requests. When they send emails I want them to default to the “announcement” category unless the subject line includes the words “prayer”, “prayer update”, or “prayer request”, then I would like it to go into the “prayer” category.

    How can I do this? This is what I have. The tags work, not the categories.

    function my_auto_cat($post) {
    if ($post[‘post_title’] == ‘prayer’) {
    $post[‘post_category’] = ‘Prayer’;
    $post[‘tags_input’] = ‘Prayer’;
    return ($post);

    add_filter(‘postie_post’, ‘my_auto_cat’);

  2. Brian says:

    Mark Walz,
    I’ve found that $post[‘post_category’] needs to be an array of integers (category ids, specifically).

    You can use $post[‘category’] = array(get_cat_id(‘Prayer’)); To set it to the Prayer category.

  3. Hello, I am very effectively using postie to archive mailman lists and im able to have posts and comments onto the system using a rather insecure allow all to post comments setting. However, the issue i seem to be encountering is that every so often the order that comments are done goes haywire. Initially under latest comments i would get the comments in the correct order, however now the latest comments remain the ones that were latest two months ago and any new comments dont seem to show.

    advise if there is a workaround. my site is kenyanpatriotdotcom

  4. Peter says:

    Postie is a very nice, very usefull plugin. However, stripping text before a dash in the subject line confuses some users. I learned that this is a feature for assigning the post to categories. However, we would like to not have it. Therefore I have the feature request:

    – Make it configurable (wether text in dashes is taken for a category)
    – Leave the subject line “as is” in any case
    – Leave the subject line “as is” if no matching category is found

    Maybe the same holds for text left to a colon – we just didn’t have troubles with that yet.


  5. eDee says:

    I LOVE Postie – Love it! It’s perfect for a project that I’m working on.
    I’m wondering if you can help me with something.

    I need to make sure that all code is nulled between :excerptstart AND :excerptend
    Long story short, I can’t keep people from posting images and other code between those tags, all the other code in the email needs to remain, but I have to be able to filter out the > tag and the < tag, basically to teach them a lesson, but more importantly to stop them from sticking images and other odd code in the excerpts.

    Could you please tell me how I would do this?
    Thank you.

  6. luca says:

    hi, a very good plugin thanks! my question is: how put in evidence a photo using postie? normally it put it inside the article but not in the thumbs in homepage…